VIP Lite (30 Days)

5.00 USD

VIP Lite

With VIP Lite rank you gain exclusive access to:

✔️VIP Lite status on all SquirtleArk Servers. 

✔️Exclusive VIP Lite Name Color, Tag, and Small Fire Icon in chat

✔️VIP Lite role in Discord, with exclusive access to VIP chats and VIP polls.

✔️Stacking benefits - Even if you only play on one cluster, if you ever decide to play on the other cluster, your Points/Rewards will stack and wait for you to use them.

✔️No Commitment! Monthly Payment can be cancelled at anytime. No Contracts or Hidden Fees.

🔥 SquirtleArk Global Benefits 🔥

These benefits are given on every SquirtleArk server (PVP, Primal Fear, and Omega)

● 4000 Points every month/billing date to use in the in-game shop on every cluster.

● 30 Points per 15 minutes of playtime instead of regular 20 points on every cluster.

● 2 Dino Coloring Token(s) every month/billing date on every cluster.

● x2 Decay Timers - Structures/dinosaurs will take twice as long to decay on every cluster.


● 1 Free PvP Raid Rebuild VIP Kit every month/billing date. Kit Info Here:

● 50% off Monthly Special Dinosaur(s).

● Increased turrets /fill range to 15,000 units from 10,000 units


● 3 VIP Lite Kits Every Month/Billing Date 

1 VIP Lite Kit Contains:

  • Items:
  • 1x Primal Flak Armor Set (Low Quality)
  • 1x Primal Pump Shotgun (Low Quality)
  • 1x Primal Sniper Rifle (Low Quality)
  • 50x Primal Shotgun Shells
  • 50x Potent Tranq Bullet
  • 100x Cooked Meat Jerky
  • 10x Dino Trackers
  • 1x Awesome Teleporter Pad
  • 1x Primal Smithy
  • Dinos:
  • Level 450 Alpha Griffin w/ Saddle
  • Level 450 Alpha Therizino w/ Saddle
  • Level 450 Rudolph w/ Saddle
  • Level 450 Alpha Mantis w/ Saddle
  • Level 450 Alpha Ferox

● 50% off Monthly Special Dinosaur(s).


● 3 VIP Lite Kits Every Month/Billing Date

1 VIP Lite Kit Contains:

  • Items:
  • 100x Element
  • 2x High Quality Flak Set
  • 30x of each Soul available in ARK Omega
  • 30x of each Sedative available in ARK Omega
  • Dinos:
  • Level 500 Managarmr w/ Saddle
  • Level 500 Yeti
  • Level 300 Zytharian Skeletal Thylacoleo w/ Saddle