SquirtleArk Survival Ascended PVP Servers

Please press on any package below for more details!

How to instantly receive your package:

  1. Ensure you select the right server/map you are on
  2. Get your EOS ID by opening the Radial Menu (R on PC, Hold Square/X on console)
  3. Paste the exact numbers/characters where it says "Optionally enter your EPIC ID"
  4. Enjoy your loot!

No Steam Account for login? Create one for free. You only need a steam account to log in, the packages are instantly delivered to your inventory no matter what platform you are on.

5 Crates
14.99 13.49 USD
10 + 2 Bonus Crates
29.99 26.99 USD
20 + 5 Bonus Crates
49.99 44.99 USD
Ultimate Package
29.99 USD